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With Constant efforts to provide quality education while creating a wonderful platform for the overall development of professionals as well as students. Today, we provide a wide array of programs ranging from career counselling, online Tutoring, accredited professional development and advanced Business Management qualifications, we provide comprehensive educational experience via cutting-edge technology, research and innovation which will help all our students to build a successful career

E Commerce

UAE is the area with the highest internet and smartphone penetration in the world, with highly digital savvy customers. The customers ' online habits tell us consumers are hungry for choice and they are trying to find accessible ways to buy designer and brand-named clothing. Fashion shoppers are looking for ideas that might give them a better look and feel.Our fashion E Commerce Showpose has been launched to satisfy the fashion lovers in the region with beautiful and mesmerizing designs and choices


Featured as an innovative and flexible trading partner, West Master offers customized sourcing services, we are able to fully understand and meet your specific needs, it’s definitely not that easy to find right suppliers and customers. However, applying tactical local and international sourcing strategies and collaborating with Global factories and brand alliances, West Master support to find the right partners for our clients trading requirements. We are expanding our services to different divisions.

About West Master

A Diversified Group with One Vision

We, West Master Group is formed to empower the society in whatever possible way we can. Our journey started with a mission to uplift the professionals globally by providing them with quality skill set that fits the current market needs, in an affordable cost. Then we have expanded our presence into verticals like E Commerce and Trading.

  • Premium & Quality Service
  • Customer - Centric Approach
  • Value based Systems
  • A Trusted Brand in Market
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About Us
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We are offering our services in highly diversified areas. Our major sector is education and we are partnering with different national and interational bodies to deliver the best quality services to our clients. Other than this we are into trading & E Commerce, and we have a wide range of clients who trust us completely


Professional Membership & Qualifications


The Chartered Association of Business Administrators ® is a not-for-profit professional body for business administrators.
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The Institute of Financial Consultants
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The Institute of Accounting Technicians
Visit us at IAT

our programs

Education Services

Lets Tute

Online Tutoring

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  • All subjects including Maths & Science
  • 100% online
  • Courses at affordable price

IDream Career

Career Counselling

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  • Directory of Exams / Scholarships
  • Chat with career planner
  • Assessments

West Master UK

Business Management Courses

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  • More than 160 courses
  • Accredited by UKs top awarding bodies
  • Advanced Certifications & Diplomas
technology partner

Insprago Interactive Solutions

Insprago Interactive Solutions is one of the leading Online Marketing & Website Development Companies in Dubai. West Master is partnered with Insprago in a mission to explore todays technological & online land-scape.


What Insprago does

Inspragos services varies from online strategy development to lead generation. Insprago is a Google Street View Trusted Agency in Dubai to create 360 degree virtual tour of business inside.

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